This is mob.is.it

mob.is.it is the venture we started in 2011 with love and passion to empower anybody to create beautiful mobile websites and to profit from the Mobile Revolution we are currently living in.

Our customers and users are our primary focus: all our energies are geared toward building a better tool, giving better prices, optimizing for a better user experiencing and offering a better customer support.

We work from all around the world, all around the clock, in as many languages as we can and we are a U.S. based corporation: our headquarters are in 101 Federal Street Suite 1900 in Boston, MA.

In the press

The team

  • Silvio Porcellana - Founder and CEO

    Silvio Porcellana — Founder and CEO

    Serial entrepreneur, HTML geek and PHP freak, he conceived mob.is.it with one goal in mind: bring the mobile web revolution in everybody's phone, computer and business.

    Ideas, proposals, rants, praises? Reach him at silvio@mob.is.it, check out his personal website at silvioporcellana.com or follow him on Twitter at @silvioporcellan

  • Francesco Sciuti - CTO

    Francesco Sciuti — CTO

    Countless hours typing and debugging and cursing and staring at a screen - for you. He is the fingers and brain that give you mob.is.it, he is the mind that translates a fuzzy idea and some scrappy notes into a fully working product. He is just that awesome.

    Check out more about Francesco at www.francescosciuti.it

  • Valeria Pomba - Content Marketing Manager

    Valeria Pomba — Content Marketing Manager

    Naturally curious copywriter, Valeria writes, reads and travels around the World and the Web looking for the perfect inspiration to help small and big businesses tell their true and core message.

    In mob.is.it she is in charge of writing articles and content that let all the people out there understand this great mobile revolution, and everything around it. Her motto? Be copy, live original.

  • Elena Faccio - Customer Success Manager

    Elena Faccio — Customer Success Manager

    Freshly graduated in Marketing with full honors, in line with her great grades she is also full of energy, curiosity and desire to learn, do, excel.

    In mob.is.it she is currently in charge of Customer Success Management, making sure every user reaches his full potential in using the platform and building a successful mobile marketing business. She also reaches out to partners spreading the word about mob.is.it and growing its brand and worldwide reach.