Use our mobile website builder API

Let your customers build mobile websites and native apps.
Totally white-label, immediately integrated and at a cost you will not believe

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Your existing system and technology
Your customers' sites - and $$$ for you!
  • API allows you to easily and seamlessly integrate the most advanced mobile web apps builder technology into your existing system, be it an SMS marketing platform, your hosting company or any other service you already offer to your customers.

  • In addition to this, can also provide you with a full fledged, totally white-label and completely customizable e-commerce website where you can start selling mobile websites on your own terms, at your prices and keeping 100% of the profits.

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Who are API for?

Online Businesses

Online businesses that want to seamlessly integrate a mobile websites builder technology in their existing systems without developing a costly in-house solution.

Mobile Marketers

Mobile marketers who need to add a strong and reliable mobile landing page builder technology to their current set of marketing efforts, such as SMS campaigns.

Smart Entrepreneurs

Smart entrepreneurs who want to create a service for building and reselling mobile-optimized websites with an incredible ROI and total technological support


What are my benefits?

  • Offer more value to your customers

    Offer more value to your customers

    By adding a mobile websites and native apps builder to your existing service you will give your customers a powerful reason to keep loving you, refer more friends and strengthen their loyalty toward your brand. Mobile is the present and future of marketing and communication, can you afford to miss this opportunity?

  • Jump ahead of your competition

    Jump ahead of your competition

    Moreover, your competition is already taking advantage of the mobile marketing tide, allowing their customers to build mobile websites and implementing mobile apps builder right and left. With our solution you will be technologically and commercially at the head of the pack, ready to seize new customers and expand your market penetration.

  • Earn more money, every month

    Earn more money, every month

    In the end, offering more value and beating your competition will guarantee you more revenues and money from your customers, either by valuable upsells or thanks to the increased brand awareness, loyalty and popularity you will achieve. And all this without risking a penny and without any initial investment!

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Why should I choose


Your customers will be able to create beautiful and full-fledged mobile sites, complete with m-commerce, coupons, loyalty cards and much more


A CMS allows even your less-skilled customers to build their own mobile websites in minutes, and without coding.

Secure is as reliable as a wood-burning stove. We only work with the most trustworthy web partners (see below), so you can sleep well at night.

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These are screenshots of real websites!

International speaks your own language. You can customize every aspect of your API system to meet the needs of your local audience.


Focus exclusively on growing your business and making your customers happy. We will always be there and we will never take any credit for it.


Get a full, easy-to-use, documentation on how to run your website. And if you ever run into a problem, our customer service is here to help.

What technology will I get?

(hint: flip the cards)

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