5 awesome mobile marketing strategies for recruitment agencies

by - May 25, 2016

Recruitment agencies have fairly specific marketing needs because unlike most businesses they have two distinct audiences that they need to engage with and hopefully sell themselves to:

  • Job candidates
  • Employers

Naturally, a recruitment agency needs jobs to offer to its candidates and it needs candidates to sell to its employers. One without the other is of little use!

In this post I am going to talk about how recruitment agencies can use mobile marketing to engage with their audience. And in particular I will focus on the candidates side of the equation, as this is where mobile marketing offers the most potential for such businesses.

1. SMS Messages

The beauty of SMS is that it is simple and ubiquitous. Every person with a mobile phone, no matter what the spec is able to receive text messages. Which means that SMS is a great way to reliably reach all of your candidates.

There are plenty of things you can do with text messages. Sending alerts is a great idea, and if you maintain your database well you can:

  • Alert candidates to job opportunities that may interest them
  • Update candidates on existing applications
  • Remind candidates about upcoming interviews

Text messages are by definition simple, so your marketing must be succinct and to the point, and a lot of candidates will appreciate that fact.

2. Mobile User Experience

Good marketing starts at home, and in this case “home” means your website. Having a good website is of course essential for any business. But for good mobile marketing you need to consider how your users might use your website and on what device.

A user on a computer might have different goals than a user on a mobile. For example, candidates could be browsing your website on their mobile while on their lunch break at work, or during their commute.

In this situation they may well be speculatively looking at job openings, so you would want to ensure that mobile users can very easily search your job openings and see the key information at a glance:

  • What is the salary
  • What are the key requirements
  • Bullet point job description

Mobile users are also unlikely to want to or be able to fill in an application right then and there, so giving them simple ways to register their interest is important.

Could you give them the option to send a simple, prefilled email or even an SMS message? Then you can call them back at a more convenient time to discuss the job.

3. Using Social Media

Social media isn’t necessarily a mobile only platform, but the reality is that the majority of social media usage is via mobile devices, which makes social media an ideal way to market to mobile users.

There are of course many different social platforms, but perhaps the best option for a recruitment agency is Twitter.

How to use it:

I suggest setting up an account specifically for candidates. Your existing and prospective candidates can follow you and you can Tweet regular updates such as:

  • The latest job offers with a link to the job on your website
  • Job hunting tips with a link to your latest blog posts
  • Polls and surveys to gather intelligence about your candidates

The great thing about using Twitter in this way is that some prospective candidates won’t want to commit to registering with your agency right away, but they may be happy to follow you on Twitter – and then register when they see a job that appeals to them!

4. Paid Social Media

There are various paid social media options, but for a recruitment agency, perhaps the best opportunity is in using Facebook’s pay per click advertising platform.

As a recruitment agency you will have two types of potential candidate:

  1. Active job seekers, who are looking for jobs
  2. Passive job seekers, who are not

Facebook is a great way to target passive job seekers, as you can target by demographics and even by interests and potentially show the latest job opportunities to people who would be interested in them even if not actively looking.

5. Create a Mobile App

Finally of course, creating a mobile app using a builder like mob.is.it is a great way to connect with your existing candidates and improve engagement. Downloading an app isn’t for everyone, but those of your candidates who do download your app are giving you access to market to them in a more personal way.

Before creating an app though, you should think about what it can actually do to help your users.

Here are some ideas:

  • Allow candidates to browse jobs and instantly apply without more form filling
  • Allow candidate to shortlist jobs to apply for later (when they have more time)
  • Save job searches and preferences in order to make better recommendations
  • Remind candidates about upcoming interviews and show directions


If you are running a recruitment agency the simple truth is that the vast majority of your potential candidates are using their phones every day, so failing to use mobile marketing to engage with them is just bad for business.

Mobile marketing offers a variety of ways to reach new audiences and to retain your existing customers in way that was not previously possible. The options are endless, it just takes a little bit of work and some creativity.

How have you used mobile marketing to reach new customers or to retain existing ones?


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