5 Big Mobile Advertising Trends That You Need To Know About

by - April 14, 2016

With smartphone usage now more prolific than ever, marketers have been focusing the majority of their effort on mobile advertising, thinking of new and innovative ways to engage mobile users. Here are a few of the hottest mobile advertising trends to watch out for over the coming months:

Location-based Mobile Advertising

As with any type of traditional advertising, considering the user's location is a key priority in today's marketing-centric world.

Location based advertising is becoming widely accepted as standard marketing practice and if you haven't noticed the benefits to this - you're a bit late to the party!

But why is it the next big thing? Well, the answer to that is: It's effective.

Being able to personalize a user's ad experience not only benefits the user, it also increases the chance that your user will interact with the ad, increasing ROI and sales in the long run!

Starbucks is one brand benefitting from personalized advertisements. By tracking device I.Ds and locations, they are able to offer their users' personalized offers and services based on their location.

According to Starbucks' data, the likelihood of a recipient walking into a Starbucks after receiving a personalized ad increased by 100%!

As well as utilizing location-based marketing, Starbucks are taking the mobile approach to a whole new level by including a range of services available on their app, such as a branch locator, digital loyalty card, tracking your order and even ordering food and drink straight from the app!

It's safe to say, marketers can learn a lot by simply observing the marketing strategies of the biggest brands.

Responsive Ads

Google has been making some pretty good headway in this new field with their Responsive AdSense Unit. Aside from the fancy name, this piece of technology works exactly the same as a responsive website; orienting and re-sizing an ad to fit the user's screen.

This has presented advertisers and marketers an opportunity to streamline website adverts, overall improving user experience.

Other companies such as Responsive Ads have also sensed the opportunity in this relatively new area of advertising, offering their own approach to responsive advertising. Currently, it seems that Responsive Ads offer a more flexible solution to Google, offering more screen-sizing options and also features split testing possibilities for user-influenced ad development.

Playable & Interactive Ads

It's pretty safe to say that the more engaging an advert, the greater chance it has of converting impressions into sales (or downloads or whatever you're going for).

Here they are; playable adverts. That has got to be a game changer, right?

In today's world of split second attention spans, you'd better believe it.

mNectar have seen the benefits of this new technology and have developed a service around this concept. Thanks to Spectra - mNectar's cloud-based, cross platform app streaming network - ad developers and marketers are able to transform any existing mobile game into a playable, interactive advert, with apparent ease!

With a download button right in the advert, consumers are going to be far more likely to want to download your game after they have seen it for themselves, effectively saving lots of time and effort that would have been wasted on other less lucrative marketing strategies.

Mobile Video Advertising

According to eMarketer, approximately 1 in 3 consumers use a mobile device to watch videos - which is one of the reasons why mobile video advertising can be one of the best approaches to take.

People love rich media, it can convey a more personal image than a simple text ad. As such, video ads often garner more attention than other forms of advertising and with smartphones becoming increasingly popular and powerful, there's absolutely no reason not to consider a rich media approach to advertising.

Using video to drive brand awareness is an invaluable marketing tactic that almost all brands should be utilizing. Does your business make amazing pizzas? Instead of telling everybody about it in a boring paragraph of uninspired text, why not show people? Make a video of exactly what goes into making your products.

Not only will people be interested in learning about your processes, it will also help to build trust, and that's important.

VR Mobile Video Advertising

VR, of course, stands for virtual reality and it's safe to say that people have been waiting for this since the dawn of science fiction!

Granted, there are not a huge number of VR users right now. But with Oculus and Samsung dominating the marketplace with their Oculus Rift and Gear VR respectively, there is definite promise in this field of advertising in the near future.

With augmented and virtual reality becoming an ever more popular reality, their influence is slowly being noticed in advertising. Virtual Sky is one of the first to offer VR marketing services.

Consumers are going to be tripping over each other for a chance to experience these fully immersive, 360 degree advertisements, with the potential for viral-ability through the roof.


Trends are constantly evolving in the advertising world, which means getting ahead of the game and knowing which marketing tactics will work best for your brand. Get your feet into location-based advertising, market your business with video!

Don't be a dinosaur! Your customers want new, they want exciting, they want outside the box. If you can't give it to them, you can guarantee there will be someone else who can.


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