5 Low Budget Ideas For A Successful Mobile Marketing Campaign

by - April 21, 2016

Many startups and small businesses lack a large budget to dedicate to marketing, therefore they must do as much as they can themselves to ensure success. The same is true of mobile marketing too...

Fortunately there are plenty of ways that you can improve your mobile marketing without spending a fortune. In fact, many of these ideas can be done for free - if you put the work in!

Take Full Advantage of Social Media

Social media has proven time and time again to be a valuable platform in which to market your business and best of all - it's free!

Facebook is a universally adopted platform, meaning a large majority of your target audience is likely to be using it. If you haven't set up a page for your business, you may be missing out on valuable leads or downloads for your app.

Better still, Facebook offers a number of targeting tools designed to aim your posts at their intended audience - thus increasing engagement. It is a proven fact that content featuring some sort of media (a photo or video) can dramatically increase engagement.

Once your Facebook page is well established, you may want to consider a Facebook advertising campaign. This is a paid advertising option, but it can actually prove quite inexpensive if done carefully and can pay off tenfold in new followers and engagement. Start with a low budget and well-targeted Ads, and you can optimize from there.

Instagram also integrates with Facebook's advertising services, offering a range of photo and video options. Being able to include hashtags within the ad is another big feature, offering the ability to create a simultaneous hashtag and mobile marketing campaign to further drive engagement.

Use Rich Media Content

Despite consumers' ever waning attention spans, there are still some pretty good ways to ensure engagement - and video is definitely a contender. Rich media has the potential to increase engagement by up to 94% in some cases.

You can utilize image and video of course, but you could also consider embedding audio (such as promotional music and podcasts), interactive web pages and infographics into your content.

Video in particular can be very effective because a lot of businesses (ie, your competitors) will shy away from video simply because it's harder than writing text content. But in reality, for the most part, video is relatively affordable, and the video can be posted for free on youtube and other video hosting websites.

Also of course, mobile users love video because it saves them time and means they don't have to read lots of small text on their mobile screens!

Creating a two minute video that explains your game, your business ethic or your company's values is a valuable way to convey competence to the viewers, overall improving trust and respect for your brand.

Target Niche Websites & Forums

Scoping out new opportunities on niche websites can be a great way to get the word out about your brand or product - especially if you are just starting up.

However, before running in all guns blazing and shouting about your brand new app from the forum rooftops, it's a good idea to first get a feel for the community and establish whether they will be interested in what you're offering.

Many forums feature a signature or excerpt after each message you post on the forum. Many times, this in itself is sufficient to drive traffic to your website. So by interacting with the forum, answering questions and just being generally helpful and friendly, users will notice your signature and may potentially be interested in what you offer - all without the need to post a gimmicky, self-promotional post somewhere on the forum, which can actually serve to turn people off.

Connecting with influencers in your niche has to be one of the most potent forms of increasing awareness of your brand. Blogs in your niche usually have a loyal community of readers and contributors, all of whom have at least some interest in what you have to offer.

So don't wait for half interested internet users to simply 'stumble' across your page; reach out to those bloggers. Build up a relationship with them. Share their content on your social media. Then when the time is right, ask if you can contribute, become a regular guest poster or even exchange links with them. Collaboration is the key to success.

Integrate Social Features into your App & Blog

Sharing is caring, and giving your users an option to share your content to their social media - direct from your app or blog can do wonders for your organic marketing efforts. Giving your users the option to share directly from your page/app saves them time, making them more likely to share.

Another good idea would to integrate multiplayer features into your app, such as prizes and leader boards. Competition is integral for on-going success in any aspect of life and introducing competitive features into your app will give users more incentive to play and share their achievements with their friends, thereby contributing to your overall marketing efforts.

Make sure your website is Mobile Friendly

This last point isn't exclusively a marketing tip, but if you're pursuing a mobile marketing strategy, some of your visitors are bound to visit your website on their mobile, are they not?

If your website isn't optimized for mobile use, then the chances are your potential customers will lose faith, resulting in lost sales and lost revenue. A badly designed website can also be a turn off for users and potential collaborators alike, so investing as much time as you can into your site is in your best interests. Make it swish, interesting and aesthetically pleasing and they will subconsciously thank you for it with their custom.

Many websites are built and then tweaked to make them mobile friendly. But if you truly want to focus on mobile in your marketing, perhaps you should consider taking a mobile first approach to your website design.


With a bit of effort and dedication, mobile marketing doesn't need to be an expensive affair. Using a combination of social media marketing, targeting niche communities and influencers to connect with and cleverly featuring your brand via video, an affordable mobile marketing campaign is not only possible, but can be a successful endeavour.


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