5 Types of Business That Could Benefit From SMS marketing

by - May 19, 2016

Have you sent a marketing email to a customer or client recently? On average it can take ninety minutes for a response (if you get a response at all). If you had sent an SMS marketing message, the response might have been as soon as ninety seconds!

SMS marketing is by far the quickest way to make contact with your target audience. More importantly, because it uses a by-permission system (your customers actually have to sign up before you can text them!), your customers will (hopefully) appreciate your communications.

Of course, as with most marketing strategies, SMS works better for some types of businesses than others. So here are 5 types of business that we think are ideal!

Bars & Nightclubs

With over fifty thousand businesses under the bar and nightclub industry, it's important to take advantage of technology to have the competitive edge over other establishments.

Mobile marketing is generally more effective when aimed at customers aged between eighteen and forty. This is because they will almost definitely own – and spend a lot of time on – a mobile phone. They are also the most likely group to frequent a nightclub!

SMS marketing takes advantage of your customers' love of sharing news quickly. Boosting numbers on different nights and attracting more business relies on getting your news out there instantly.

Send SMS messages about:

  • Coupons for deals on drinks and food will bring customers in bigger groups. If they are eating as well as drinking they will stay for longer.
  • Events that are happening in your venue - stand-up comedy night, fancy dress raves or a cool new DJ.
  • Theme nights can boost numbers if you get the word out quickly enough by sending alerts to customers – also consider a text in poll to decide the next theme.
  • Offer your customers Group Buys by text for upcoming events: discounts for group tickets will bring in customers who have texted their friends to make up a group – and shared your brand for you for nothing!


There's plenty of advice available about retail marketing, but the obvious thing to remember about retail customers is that they are shopping on the go. SMS marketing is the perfect way to take advantage of the busy retail industry.

By having instant access to your customers with relevant marketing offers for them, you could literally make them turn round in the high street and visit your shop!

Send SMS messages about:

  • Spread the word about the latest Promotion items: deals like three for two on selected products
  • Send Alerts when your seasonal Sales are about to start
  • Promotional codes for discounts or cash back will encourage customers to come back
  • Send Notifications on what styles and colours your range covers each season
  • Send special offers which are for TODAY only to bring in impulse shoppers


The surprising fact – and lucky for your business – is that there isn't a mass use of mobile marketing in the restaurant industry yet.

Although you wouldn't normally link fine dining with texting, SMS marketing may be an unusual but effective method to establish a regular flow of customers. It's particularly ideal for encouraging customer numbers in your restaurant on weekdays when business can be slow compared to Fridays and weekends.

Send SMS messages about:

  • Advertise Food theme nights. Pie Night, Italian Night – even Takeaway Style Night – will bring in a variety of customers, and also spread word of your food quality.
  • One big thing restaurant customers want is useful suggestions. Entice people by sending Updates on the night's specials dishes – this will provide good feedback data for what dishes your customers prefer.
  • Ask customers if they would like to book a table, and then allow them to do so by texting the code given in the text.
  • If your restaurant does takeaway orders, send Alerts to let people know when their order is ready to collect or is being delivered.
  • Send texts about today’s specials, and send them in the early evening when your customers are likely to be thinking about what to have for dinner!

Travel companies

Whether your business provides flights, cruises, or all inclusive holiday deals, SMS marketing has great benefits for businesses in the travel industry.

SMS marketing can add a more personal touch for your customers, where you can tailor your information specifically to each client.

Send SMS messages about:

  • Confirmation texts on a customer's Bookings and the details of it
  • Updates on their flight details and current updates from the flight company
  • Reminder texts such as Have You Packed Yet sent the night before can refresh the customer's memory on their booking details as well as an informal joke
  • Keep your customers posted on the currency rates relevant to their trip – also if you provide currency exchange, add in your rates so they can come to you for all their travel needs
  • If you provide flights, why not text them check in desk numbers and gate numbers to save them time when they get to the airport?


E-commerce businesses rely almost exclusively on digital marketing techniques such as email and social media marketing, but not many think to include SMS messages in their marketing mix.

Again, it's all about personalisation and understanding each customer's needs. With E-commerce businesses it's easy to appear as an impersonal general business, particularly if you have a variety of target audiences.

Send SMS message about:

  • Send Alerts to customers when their order has been processed and despatched – if they have used their phones to checkout they'll be looking at their phones not the computer.
  • Notify your customers on the estimated date their products will be delivered so they needn't hang around waiting.
  • Offer them feedback – make it easy to give feedbac by asking simple yes or no questions or scales of one to five, so they only need to send one text.
  • Recommend certain products in quick texts to certain customers based on their previous purchases.


SMS messages can often reach customers instantly in a way that email and mobile apps can’t and they are both convenient and ubiquitous, so you never need to worry about campatability.

By using SMS marketing creatively you ca build a loyal and reliable relationship between your business and your customer.

SMS is also cheaper by far than going to cost of printing and sending out flyers or posters that one way or another will find their way to a waste paper bin!


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