7 Awesome Mobile Marketing Strategies for Real Estate Agencies

by - May 12, 2016

If you work in real estate you could be forgiven for thinking that traditional websites still have the monopoly on marketing, but with the constant advancements in mobile technology and the rising popularity of smart phones, mobile marketing has never been more exciting for real estate agencies.

In this post we are going to share with you some cutting edge mobile marketing ideas to help you to sell more properties!

Use Photospheres to immerse prospective buyers

Photosphere apps allow you to immerse your prospective buyersin a property just by looking at their phones.

Photosphere apps take a series of images – for example a room of a new property for sale – and then stitches them together. It creates a three hundred and sixty degree panorama. This allows the clients to see the room from floor to ceiling and left to right, and even to zoom in.

These virtual reality pictures can be embedded in a website that your clients can access on their smart phones. When looking for the right new property for them, photospheres provide a more immersiveviewing experience than a normal two dimensional picture ever could..

Property search based on location

The key aspect of mobile phones is that they are mobile! Their owners will be using them wherever they may be, whether inside, travelling or walking down the street.

LBM (Location Based Marketing) allows businesses to access a mobile phone's location and from there determine where their nearest place of business is to that location.

Put simply, imagine a client of yours is out and accesses your website on their smart phone. By using the Opt-In button to allow your agency to access to their location, you can suggest properties for sale that are near their location.

Another cool feature that you could add is a 'Get Directions To This Property' button if they are viewinga certain property.

LBM can also be used through SMS messaging. This can allow you to suggest further properties relevant to your clients based on their previous property searches on your website

QR codes on real world adverts

A QR (Quick Response) code is a mobile phone barcode. It can store URLs, email addresses, text, phone numbers and so on.

When a person scans a QR code with their phone it redirects them to the relevant site.

One way real estate agencies can use these mobile barcodes is by displaying them on For Sale sign posts outside of the properties that they are selling.

Clients may not have time to view the property there and then. By scanning the QR code on the sign post, you can direct them to the property's web page which includes its details and images of the rooms.

You could even send them directly to a form to request more details for that property; complete with their email address filled in.

This is a good marketing technique especially when dealing in real estate where business is done over a period of time. It allows the client to browse properties at their own convenience, and links your real world advertising with mobile marketing.

Use Facebook ads

With social media influencing our social and business lives across the world, it makes sense to take advantage of its mobile marketing potential.

When creating a Facebook advert to target you can target your audience based on their location and interests. Facebook provides various options that will tailor your ad towards certain audiences.

  • Location: using the viewer's location to suggest properties e.g. If their location is in Kent the advert can suggest properties for sale in Kent
  • Behaviours: You can target Facebook users based on interests and previous actions; such as Pages they have liked or people and businesses they are following. This can help to focusyour target audience for example if a person has liked a page on budget living coasts, your property ad can include properties for sale with a lower asking price.

Write interesting and concise descriptions

This is an often overlooked aspect of mobile campaigns but it is important. Mobile users get bored fast, and there's not much screen space, so make your descriptions concise, to the point and interesting.

Make a point to include

  • Bullet points – no one wants to read paragraphs of text
  • Space out points and paragraphs
  • Use Bold to highlight important points and Title Headings
  • Keep your language simple

Include a video tour

As a real estate agency, a large part of your marketing is visual. So it is agood idea to include a Video Tour, either of several rooms or the whole house where possible.

Video tours  allowprospective buyers to get a better idea ofthe scale and what it might feel like to actually walk around the property.

An exciting technique is Hyperlapse. Originally there was Time-lapse. Time-lapse allowed a camera to take multiple shots of a scene and speed up the action so the property could be viewed in all lights.

Hyperlapse now allows the camera to move over more considerable distance while doing this. Think of beginning shots in documentaries: fast shots of the sun rising and setting and crowds fast forwarded around a famous monument. This is what Hyperlapse does.

Hyperlapse can work with:

  • Uneven terrain – such as a back garden or yard
  • Across distances – meaning you can create a smooth video tour of a whole house
  • Crowded shots – allowing you to start in the town or street of the property, move to the building itself and tour through it all in one smooth set of shots

Write blog posts about your top properties

Even the most professional of clients can become tired of continuous sales talk. Setting up a blog can be an excellent way to personalise your language in order to come across as more accessible. After all if you're constantly talking like a marketeron your website your clients aren't going to warm to your agency!

Remember to make a good blog, the content must be good quality. Make a point of regularly writing posts about your top properties. This shows that you really know the property and can highlight its best features in a way that you can't in a traditional property listing page.

Your blog is also part of social media marketing, you can link them to:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn


With advancements in technology coming thick and fast, the days of classic two dimensional billboard adverts are fast becoming old fashioned. Nearly every client of your agency will have a mobile phone, so take full advantage of the revolutionary techniques available for mobile marketing. 


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