The Newbie Guide to Mobile Marketing: Top 3 Do's and Don'ts

by - May 5, 2016

Mobile Marketing is one of the dominating types of marketing strategy in almost every industry right now. With nearly everybody owning a mobile phone, an emphasis on convenience and on-the-go shopping experiences is key to a successful business.

So with that in mind, here are three DO’s and DON’Ts for beginning your Mobile Marketing campaign.

1. DO - Keep It Simple

Imagine your mobile marketing campaign is the door to your shop. If a customer walks into an online shop, they will still expect the same things as if they were in a physical high street shop. Chief among these expectations is convenience.

Research has shown that customers are more likely to abandon an online shopping basket than to carry on to payment. That means that even after a customer has added an item to their basket they are more likely than not to NOT complete a transaction!

In general the golden rule is: the smaller the screen, the simpler the process. Clear instructions make mobile marketing successful because it fits with the idea that customers can shop whilst on the move.

2. DON’T - Give the customer too many choices

This is what happens when you don’t keep things simple! It’s crucial to remember your customers are using devices that can be small enough to fit in someone’s back pocket.

If your online platform (be it a website or a mobile app) containing too many option buttons, excessive images that don’t fit the device’s screen and complicated processes for checking out or signing up, are all things that will overwhelm or alienate the customer.

On a mobile device, every additional step takes more effort than it would on a full size computer, so making your customer jump through more hoops than necessary is a recipe for disaster!

3. DO - Use Social Media

Mobile marketing and social media is a match made in heaven.

According to eWeek’s research done in 2014, 75% of customers access social networks daily, usually via the use of smart phones.

With the soaring influence of social media in business and personal lives - and used by customers of all ages - marketing on a social network is a better investment than most forms of traditional advertising.

Facebook Promoted Posts integrate adverts in customers’ viewing platforms in subtle ways such as members ‘viewing feeds’ which makes it seem like a post rather than an advert. As users are becoming increasingly ‘Ad blind’, this is crucial in ensuring the success of your marketing.

Social media also has the advantage of allowing your customers to do your marketing for you; instant sharing buttons mean that the number of people able to see your products has the potential to multiply exponentially if you get your marketing just right.

4. DON’T - Direct a customer straight to the Homepage

Let’s say a customer clicks on one of your mobile ads - for example, you are advertising a piece of clothing. That customer wants to be taken to the page where they can see the item, the sizes, price, and how to buy it.

Directing a customer to the website’s Homepage is like throwing your customer into Oz. They don’t know where they are or how to find the item they were looking at mere seconds ago!

At worst they may even abandon your website - which seams untrustworthy because it takes them to pages they never asked to view in the first place. Put simply, in order to get customers to buy your product, take them to the product that you have advertised to them.

This may seem obvious, but it’s amazing how often businesses send their potential customers to illogical areas on their websites.

5. DO - Format your marketing for mobile devices

This is an important part of creating effective mobile marketing. On a smaller screen, boxes will need to be bigger, and options will need to be clearer and simpler.

Some of the more crucial things are, for example, formatting your marketing emails for a mobile device. Naturally, it is frustrating to a customer having to scroll endlessly down and across in order to read an email.

Make their online experience as easy and convenient as possible.

6. DON’T - Forget About the Customer

Remember precisely who is using your business! The point of mobile marketing is to reach out to your target audience. But you can’t do that if you don’t know and understand who your target audience is!

Here are some things to think about:

  • Is an App needed?
    Don’t create a mobile app for the sake of it; sometimes a well-designed (mobile-friendly) website is enough and your customers don’t want to have to install yet another App just to buy products from you!
  • How tech savvy is your audience?
    Depending on what you are advertising, language and interactive aspects on devices will need to vary. A twenty year old, for instance, is more likely to be impressed by great functionality while most sixty year olds will prefer a simpler experience without the frills.
  • Who are you designing it for?
    Once you are clear you are aiming your product at – women, men, students, pensioners, and business people, design your advert and website appropriately.


With developments in technology advancing more and more every year, there’s almost no limit on how we can develop mobile marketing to suit each customer. However, some of the classic guidelines remain the same. Tailoring marketing around your customer will help your company to take advantage of all the benefits that come from doing business online.

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