Top 3 Reasons Why a Mobile Site is Good for Your Small Business

by - July 25, 2013

Let's say you have your website and it works well enough on a desktop, but it isn't optimized for mobile...yet. Currently, desktops are still widely used around the world, but that is quickly changing. Future history books will call now the beginning of the Mobile Age because of the prevalence of mobile devices and how quickly they usurped desktops in terms of internet traffic. In terms of technological evolution, this is commonly known as a platform shift. You have to face the inevitable: your small business needs a mobile site. Here are the top three reasons why.

#1: The Future Is [Even More] Mobile

Venture capitalist Mary Meeker (aka “The Queen of the Net”) recently revealed that global mobile traffic is already up 4% from two years ago, with 13% of all users now accessing the Internet via a mobile device. As of the start of this year, India is the lone wolf at the head of the mobile pack, it seems. Mobile traffic is clearly the way Indians want to be online, as 60% of the country's traffic is now mobile. Even if you're not getting into the Indian market, with other regions of the globe soon to follow India's lead at the forefront of this new era, can your business afford to ignore having a great mobile site?

With such a large, growing number of untapped mobile users, the global mobile apps market is a huge piece of the mobile pie. Currently, mobile apps total nearly $20 billion and revenues continue to climb stratospherically. Naturally, any and every business wants to be able to get in on some of that action, but you don't need to have an app to successfully use mobile a viable new platform to do business.

A great mobile site, when optimized, can connect your audiences to your brand quickly and easily, use social media tools to engage your community in the new era of customer relationship management (CRM), and offer users a memorable mobile experience that will bring them back [hopefully, along with their friends]. This is only the beginning. What shape will the mobile industry take in the future and how will your company's mobile site adapt to the ever-changing platform shifts?

#2: Instant & Easy Accessibility, Navigation, and Service

Mobile users are, They want—nay expect—instant access to their favorite apps and content, easy navigation to help them find whatever it is they're looking for as efficiently [as Googley possible], and stellar service. If your brand is not stunning on the mobile web, users will find another that is. And there is always someone else. Always.

Now, it is cheaper to build a mobile site, which is more effective and straightforward in converting traffic; mobile users respond to well-designed call-to-actions, prompting more users to contact you (phone, email, etc.), visit your location (and check-in), or redeem promotional offers and coupons.

#3: Mobile Marketing to the Max

Make sure that you give your audience what they want. Launching a mobile marketing campaign is no easy feat, but having a solid mobile site and content will help make your marketing efforts pay off in a big way. Mobile users can engage with your brand via social media channels, which will build interest and trust in your brand, and you can easily integrate the mobile platform with traditional marketing techniques using apps, SMS, QR codes, mobile ads and push notifications.

Create a strong, branded campaign that will play to the strengths of the mobile platform. There is still a lot of experimentation going on in mobile marketing, and this is where things get interesting. Mobile, as a platform, is an extension of the user; now, users cave experiences, but they want to be entertained and they don't want to be pitched.

You can launch a mobile campaign using multiple mobile channels—from your brand's mobile landing page with links to social media to videos, games and other [free] content to connect your brand through your mobile marketing efforts by telling stories. Stories that support your brand, being played out in a mobile environment; set the tone for your brand and its audience and make that human connection in cyberspace between brand and audience, cementing your brand's reputation in its community.

Traffic will increase and you will tweak your marketing campaign at some point. Probably more than once, as the community acts just like any other groups of humans—there are shifts and waves, ebbs and flows, as audience demographics will invariably change over time (sometimes literally overnight!), your mobile marketing campaign must keep up with the trends or risk being irrelevant in the conversation. Nobody likes to be irrelevant.

So, there you have it. The top three reasons why a mobile site is good for your small business. Try to be progressive about the future and be open to possibilities, and look for any opportunities that may lie ahead on the horizon, to stay innovative. Also, give the people what they want. It's just that simple. Finally, hire professionals to create your mobile site and launch your mobile marketing campaign. This triforce of mobile power will help your business grow and everyone wins.

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