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  • Elegant restaurants

    Elegant restaurants

    Thanks to slickest and most elegant templates you can easily offer your most demanding customers a completely custom and extremely stylish mobile site and app. And restaurants worldwide will love this!

  • Real Estate Agencies

    Real Estate Agencies

    Real estate brokers hugely benefit from having mobile optimized websites and apps - for example by adding a QR Code to each property listing and preparing a dedicate mobile landing page.

  • Bars and grills

    Bars and grills

    Reserving a seat at your favorite sushi bar or calling for information is 99% of the times done on your smartphone. These are your ideal customers - ready to buy and totally sold on the idea of having a mobile site or native app.

  • SPA & Beauty Salons

    SPA & Beauty Salons

    SPA, beauty & nail salons, massage therapists - everybody needs a beautiful, elegant and meaningful mobile website and app. Exactly what you can easily do with our ready-made templates and platform.

  • Tech companies and professionals

    Tech companies and professionals

    Web agencies, marketing professionals or even tech businesses and corporations need a good, simple and elegant mobile site. Exactly what you can offer to all your clients with!

  • Parties and events

    Parties and events

    Events, parties and other get-together will greatly benefit from a mobile optimized website with geo-location search forms. Exactly what you can do with just a couple of clicks on!

  • Chic and stylish hotels

    Chic and stylish hotels

    Hotels, resorts and b&b are some of the businesses that need a mobile website the most. With you can build awesome sites and apps for hotels - easily and quickly.

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