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What is is the system we have created to empower you to earn money and do business building and selling mobile websites and native apps.

The huge growth in smartphones usage worldwide has made the need to have a mobile website and a native app extremely urgent for businesses of any size, including small and local shops and stores. This is the reason why we have created a platform that you can use to successfully build and resell apps for mobile, without any coding or technical knowledge.

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Who are the people that created

We are a group of entrepreneurs and professionals and we have been working with Internet technologies for over 20 years.

In 2011 we have conceived, designed, implemented and founded this company with one goal in mind: help people like you, willing to make money with mobile, fulfill their dream.

If you want to read more about us and our team you can check out our "about" page.

What happens once I register?

You will be immediately able to create mobile websites and apps - remeber, each and every site you create has a totally free trial period, not just the first one!. You will then be able to purchase one of our premium plans when and if you need it, without any obligation.

Registration is totally free and without any time limit: you can use our platform to create sites whenever you feel like.

Can I try the system before paying?

Absolutely! Once you will have registered - for free and without any obligation - you can create all the demo sites you like and you will be able to test the native apps builder that we have created for you.

Idea You pay only when you do business! With you can create all the demo sites you want and you will have to purchase one of our plans only when you will have sold your first site to your customer and started earning with your mobile marketing business.

How can I make money with

The system we have created for you is extremely simple and effective:
  1. you use our platform to easily and quickly build mobile websites and native apps
  2. you go to your prospects and target customers - restaurants, local stores, small businesses - and you amaze them with the awesome work you have done with
  3. you sell the site or app that you have created and you earn money from the down payment and the ongoing maintenance fee

How much can I earn with

The amount of cash you can earn is limitless, it depends only on the amount of work you want to put into the system. You are your own boss and if you are good at selling, building relationships and market your monthly revenues can easily be in the thousands of dollars.

If you want to get a realistic idea of how much you can earn head over our "ROI calculator" and start playing with pricing models and amounts.

faq - The platform and sitemaker THE PLATFORM AND SITEMAKER [back to top]

How does the platform work?

All our efforts have been directed toward creating a mobile sites and apps builder that was simple yet effective, allowing you to create beautiful mobile websites and amazing native apps that you can easily sell to your customers worldwide and everywhere. If you want to see how our platform works you can check out this in-depth video tutorial.

How can I redirect visitors from my existing desktop site to the mobile site I will create?

We will give you a small piece of Javascript that will detect if the visitor who's browsing your desktop site is using a mobile device and redirect him to the mobile site you are working on.

Using this script is extremely easy: all you will have to do is copy some code and paste it in the <head> section of your desktop site. If you need more info you can read our tutorial here.

What's the ideal size for images to be used in sites and apps?

To stay "safe" and be sure that your images will be shown correctly in all devices and screens, without blurring or scaling up, we suggest you use images that are at least 600 pixels wide. If you plan on using also the desktop version of your site it's better to use images that are 800 pixels wide, or even more. Just remember to optimize them as too "heavy" images can take a while to load when using cellular networks.


What is a native app?

A native app is a piece of software that anybody with a smartphone - Android, Apple or Windows - can download from a "store" (for example the Android Store or the Apple App Store) and "install" on his phone. Unlike a mobile website, the native app resides on the smartphone and usually doesn't need an Internet connection to work and show its contents.

Idea You can build unlimited native apps with! Creating them is really easy - here's our tutorial - and as you will soon discover your customers will LOVE your ability to create native apps for them and their businesses.

How can I create native apps with

Building native apps with is extremely simple - here's an in-depth tutorial that explains you all the required steps: native apps tutorial. If you have any further question you can open a ticket in our support system at

What is the benefit of a native app over a regular mobile website?

While usually a regular mobile website is the ideal solution for the majority of small and medium businesses, native apps have a few advantages over this solution. In particular, they need to be distributed on the "stores" (the Android Store and the Apple App Store mainly) and then downloaded, thus being able to work also when the user is not online. Moreover, you can send push notifications (more info about this here) to all the users who have downloaded your app and allowed push notifications.

Idea While we give native apps and push notifications included in all our plans and without any additional cost, you can offer these services at a higher price to your customers, for example having your base price for the regular mobile website and requiring a premium for apps and notifications.

Are there any additional costs for building/distributing an app?

If you manage and build the app all by yourself there is absolutely NO ADDITIONAL COST from and the only costs you will have are the Apple and Google Developer fees.

If you prefer we can build and distribute your app for you: the cost for this is $149 per-app.

How can I update an app I already have on the app stores?

On you can create and re-create all your apps any time you want, without any limit. Every time you will update your app you can re-submit it to the app stores (iOS and Android) as a new version of an existing app.

As soon as the app is published all current users will be alerted and they will be able to download and update their app to the version you just published.

Can I do an app also with a demo site?

Yes, allows you to build apps also for your demo sites.

The only limitations you have are:
  • you can create apps only for Android and Windows Phone
  • you will not be able to "sign" your app so you cannot distribute it on Google Play (but your Android users will be able to install it manually)

The app you will build will be 100% working and functional and it will allow you to test our system fully.

Will my customers be able to discover that I have used

Our platform is 100% "white-label", which means that your customers will never be able to discover that you have used to build their native apps and mobile websites.

Idea We optimized for giving you the best tools to make money building and selling mobile sites and native apps. Nobody will ever know you are using our platform and you are totally free to resell your work at the price and on the terms you decide.

Can you build and distribute the app for me? How much does it cost?

Yeap, absolutely! If you don't want to mess with signing keys, app stores and distribution processes we can build the app for you and distribute it on Google Play and on the Apple App Store. Just remember a few things:
  • we cannot guarantee that the app will be published as this depends on Google and Apple that will have to approve it
  • the app will be distributed in our account, owned by the CEO, Silvio Porcellana
  • you will have to provide us with all the marketing material: images, texts and screenshots

The cost for the building and distribution is $149 and includes up to 3 revisions and re-uploads of your app. If you need more revisions for the same app you can buy "packages" of 5 re-uploads for $49 each.

What are "push notifications"?

Push notifications are messages you can send totally for free to all the users who downloaded and installed one of the app you have created. Here's a video tutorial that explains in details how you can use to send push notifications for free.

Idea Push notifications are a fantastic tool for engaging with the users of an app. Just imagine telling your customer - for example a restaurant - that you can send to all the people who installed their app a message alerting them of a new promotion, or of the daily special. With you can, without any additional cost!

How much does it cost to send push notifications with

Nothing! With you can send all push notifications you want to the apps you have created, without any additional cost.

Idea Including unlimited push notifications without any additional cost in all our plans is a business decision we have made - but you are free to charge your customer for this service! This feature is extremely powerful and we are sure you can earn even more if you add it to your services.

How can I use to send push notifications to the users of my apps?

We have made the setup and sending process for push notifications as easy and straightforward as possible. Click here to access our complete tutorial and learn in less than 5 minutes how you can send push notifications to all users who downloaded any of the app you have created.


How much does cost?

We have created 3 plans that allow you to manage respectively up to 5 sites/apps, 20 sites/apps and unlimited sites/apps - you find them here. By buying one of them you will be able to have the included number of active sites (but, remember, always unlimited demo sites!).

We also created the "Single Site" plan: you can purchase this if you want just one site/app, paying a one-time fee and thus making it yours forever. Click here for more info about this.

Idea In any plan - and even before you buy one - you can create all the demo sites you want. This will allow you to show your work to your potential customers even before you purchase the plan you prefer.

What are "demo sites" and how many can I create?

A "demo site" is a site exactly like the other ones - with the limitation that after a while it expires and it's not visible anymore (unless you upgrade it to an active site). You can create as many demo sites as you want, without any limitation. Click here to read more about demo sites

Idea You can freely use demo sites to show your customer the mobile site/app you are bulding for them. Each demo site has an "expiration date" ma during this period all features will be fully working, allowing you to give an exact idea to your client of how the final work will come out - without spending a cent.

Is "unlimited" truly unlimited?

Of course! We would never make a promise we can't keep: with our "unlimited" plan you will be able to build and resell all the sites/apps you want and you will never pay more than our unlimited plan monthly fee.

In addition to this remember that you can always create unlimited demo sites, even without purchasing any of our plans.

Can I change my plan whenever I want to?

Of course you can! Whether you want to upgrade to an ampler plan or you find out that a smaller plan fits your needs just let us know and we will change your plan accordingly to your request.

Can I resell websites and apps freely?

Absolutely! We will never force you to sell your mobile sites and native apps at a certain price or on specific terms and conditions: you are the one and only owner and boss of your mobile marketing business.

Can I start with the cheapest plan?

Absolutely! This is exactly why we created a "startup" plan: to let you start with an affordable monthly fee and then give you the larger plans once things start picking up and the number of your customers grows.

Am I locked into a long-term commitment?

Absolutely not! You can pay your plan monthly and you can cancel at any time, there isn't absolutely any cancellation fee nor any other cost when you decide to cancel your subscription.

What happens if I stop paying the periodic fee?

Once you stop paying your periodic fee all your sites will stop being visible - but don't worry! You can purchase any single site you want to keep and once you restart your payments all sites will become active again.

How can I pay?

We use Paypal for processing all our payments, one of the most trusted and reliable payment gateways. You can use your credit card - even without creating a Paypal account - or your Paypal balance to pay for your services. For certain plans and fees you can also use Bitcoin.

Will I have a white-label panel for my customers?

Yes of course! Included in your reseller plan is the "Control Panel", a tool that allows your customers to login and edit their mobile sites one their own. Here is a video tutorial about this.

What does it mean "white-label"?

It means that you will be able to totally customize what your customers will see when they use the mobile sites you build for them or your control panel. And, above all, they will never know you are using

What else do you have for resellers?

In addition to our ultra-convenient plans you can check out our API solutions if you are interested in getting your own white-label business website where your customers can register and purchase mobile sites directly from you

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