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  • You understand mobile is a huge opportunity, more and more of your customers and competitors are using it, but you don't know where to start. is the simplest, most complete and effective online tool for building mobile websites. Get started right away and you will get your mobile site up and running in less than 5 minutes. Free to try, totally customizable, ready to be shown to the world using your custom domain and your personalized QR code

  • You want to build and resell mobile sites to your customers but you and your team don't have time to learn and implement a new technology. offers you the most convenient mobile websites reseller program currently available on the Internet. Start small and grow, start big and explode, no matter what your size and targets are we will give you the best tools and the most complete support to get an incredible ROI out of your mobile websites reselling business

  • You are ready to become a mobile entrepreneur and you want to sell mobi sites immediately, in your language, on your terms and under your brand.

    With Power Reseller you will have a complete and white-label website that you can fully customize (as in, translate totally in your language, change your prices and terms, add and manage pages, completely change the CSS and graphics), yours to be used for selling mobile websites to your target market.

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Interested in the nitty-gritty? Want to know more? Keep reading, this is the full detailed list of all features - the tools, widgets and technologies that make the best solution for all your mobile marketing needs

  • Universal

    Works on over 5,000 different devices, from the latest iPhones and Android smartphones and tablets to older and less powerful but still popular featurephones

  • Beautiful

    Choose among a huge list of ready made templates, fully customizable in colors and layout, and make your mobile website stand out from the crowd

  • White-label

    Use your custom domain name by simply creating a CNAME and as a reseller you can white-label and resell every aspect of technology

  • Easy

    Use the wizard to create your site by choosing from tons of ready made structures and then customize look and content with our super-easy mobile websites editor

  • SEO-optimized

    Get a 100% SEO-ready mobile website, just enter your content and get ready to be found and receive traffic and visitors from all major Search Engines

  • Future proof uses the latest technologies - such as HTML5 and CSS3 - to give you the best and most effective tool for building future-proof mobile websites

  • Fully customizable

    Our CMS allows you to edit every aspect of your mobile sites - you can even add your own custom CSS to fully control how your sites look and feel

  • Integrated

    Automatic redirect mobile visitors from desktop site to mobile version with our easy to embed and customizable JavaScript redirect code

  • Social

    Add your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr profile or any valid RSS feed and automatically show all your latest updates

  • Local

    Specify an address or lat/lng to show a map or create your list of locations such as stores and events that your users can browse as a list or on the map

  • Multimedial

    Upload pictures or import them from Picasa or Flickr and show them using a touch-optimized slider. Upload audios or show videos from your YouTube or Vimeo channel

  • Effective

    Use our ultra-easy and super-effective mobile forms builder to quickly create contact pages, online reservation systems, polls and totally customizable forms

  • M-commerce ready

    Build and manage shopping carts with 1-click integration of Paypal, Google Checkout and other payments systems or add a Paypal or Google Checkout "donate now" button

  • Business-oriented

    Create and manage coupons and loyalty cards on your mobile website and mobile web app easily and quickly

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