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Security and reliability like no other has increasingly become a vital partner for a growing number of business, startups and websites. More and more customers choose to rely on us for building and maintaining their mobile websites and use our white-label technology to resell our mobile services to their customers.

While we do know how much effort we put into creating the best technology and maintaining the most secure infrastructure, it is extremely important to share this information with you and let you know what we do, on a daily basis, to make sure your data, websites and mobile business is as safe as it can be.

  • The full power of HTML5 and Phonegap

    The full power of HTML5 and Phonegap

    We use for our site and for all our customers' pages a modern and robust technology like HTML5. Using such a set of tools allows us to limit the burden on our machines, moving most of the computing requirements on the client device efficiently taking advantage of the full power of the all the most recent smartphones and tablets. This ensures resources usage is perfectly balanced, the risk of overloading our servers is greatly reduced and all our customers can enjoy a fast and fully responsive web service.

  • The full power of HTML5 and Phonegap

    The solidity of our hosting

    We rely only upon the top hosting providers of the Internet with the lower latency and as close as possible to our customers. We know there are lots of cheaper alternatives, but we are very happy to invest a larger share of our money and pay the premium price required to have one of the most reliable, secure and respected web partners available. Our choice is OVH, a solid hosting provider from France with servers worldwide.

  • The full power of HTML5 and Phonegap

    The reliability of Amazon backups

    Your content and data are the most valuable assets, for us. To protect them and make sure they are always available and online we backup all pages, images and database records to our Amazon S3 repository. We do this every 8 hours, keeping a constantly up-to-date copy of all our data in an extremely secure and reliable environment such as the Amazon Web Services space, a solution used by the biggest and most trafficked websites of the Internet.

  • The full power of HTML5 and Phonegap

    A constant uptime and performance monitoring

    We use Pingdom, one of the most reliable and popular websites monitoring services, to keep constant control of our uptime and performance. We get a 24/7 monitoring service from all over the world as often as every minute so that if anything breaks we are immediately alerted and we can act promptly to restore all our services and platform. And we are extremely transparent about our performance: you can click here to see our public status page and check our uptime stats.

  • The full power of HTML5 and Phonegap

    The passion of our heart

    To add yet another layer of security, we constantly replicate the Amazon S3 backup on another set of machines we control, located in a totally different server farm and geographical location. Although the risk of losing even one bit of data saved to an Amazon server is practically equal to zero, we are a little bit "old fashioned" and we like to have a redundant backup in a computer we can touch, plug, unplug and hear humming nicely while protecting your data. After all, is our baby and we enjoy having it close to our hearts!

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