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Native apps are a huge market: local and global companies everywhere in the world are craving for their own, branded and customized native app and so having access to an extremely effective and very lucrative app reseller program can be game-changing for your business.

But, first of all, what is a "native app"? A native app is a piece of software that you can download from "app stores" - such as the Apple App Store or Google Play - and that you can install on your smartphone. We all use apps every day, from Facebook to Instagram, Snapchat or Twitter - or some apps from a local business like a grocery store or a beauty salon.

What can a native app do? Well, as you can see checking out the apps you probably have in your smartphone a native app can do pretty much everything: take and share pictures like Facebook and Instagram, check the news or the weather, play games and so on.

For small and medium businesses native apps are usually used for:

  • branding and giving information about their venue: location, business hours, map and phone number, products offered
  • updating the public about new products, events or news
  • offering special deals and coupons
  • creating loyalty cards to help customers save when going back to the store
  • selling directly online using an e-commerce system

Moreover, let's not forget that once a user downloads and installs an app he can be targeted by push notifications: small messages that appear directly on the phone screen and that can be very effectively used for sending updates about new products, new offering, coupons or any other news that might interest - and attract - the recipient.

So, as you can imagine offering native apps to local or global companies can be a hugely profitable business. While creating apps has always been very costly and requiring very advanced technical skills, thanks to a white-label app reseller system like you can now build native apps in a matter of minutes, complete with all the marketing tools that will make it very easy to sell to SMB and other businesses in your area or worldwide.

And the cool thing is that is 100% reseller-friendly: totally white-label, with extremely advanced features and with prices that will give you a positive ROI after the first month.

All you have to do is try app reseller program for free and use our mobile app builder right away: just click on one of the buttons below to create your account and start using the platform we have created for you, easily building complete and advanced apps that you can immediately sell to grow your revenues and your business. 

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No money, no credit card required. Totaly free to try, without any obligation.


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No money, no credit card required. Totaly free to try, without any obligation.