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Building mobile apps for iOS and Android can be a daunting experience. While we, as marketers and entrepreneurs, know very well how small and medium businesses would love to have a customized app on the stores - something with their brand, their information and maybe even some tools that their customers can use such as a loyalty card, or coupons - up until now creating an app has always been very difficult, to say the least.

The problems with the process of building apps are essentially 3:

  1. you need to know how to code - and to make things worse, you need to know two quite complex languages: Java for Android and Swift for iOS
  2. you need to be very good at designing slick and elegant interfaces as users are getting accustomed to having beautiful graphics and elegant UX when interacting with apps on their smartphones
  3. you need to know and be able to navigate the complexities of the app stores, signing keys and overall cumbersomeness of the signing process - again, doubled for iOS and Android

The result of all this was that, historically, very few businesses and companies could afford to offer a native app to their customers - but those who were able to immediately had a competitive advantage over their less fortunate (and with shallower pockets) competitors.

But things have changed. With the advent of mobile app builders what once was an extremely expensive and complex process can be performed literally by any marketer or online developer in a few minutes, without the need to learn difficult programming languages or become a master of mobile User Experience design.

What is a mobile app builder? Quite simply, it's usually an online software that you can use as an editor where you create "pages", you add content (images, text, audio, video) and you then use to transform all that content into a native app that you can then download and distribute using iTunes or Google Play, just like you would do if you had built the app from scratch.

Obviously not all mobile app builders are the same. First of all, as the process is extremely complex you need to make sure the results are actually working and ready to be distributed on the app stores. Apple, for example, is extremely picky on the quality of the apps that are added to the Apple App Store and so you have to be confident that the technology used for building you app is more than adeguate.

Moreover, native apps are a perfect opportunity to offer users an even more engaging experience - but to do so you need to be able to easily use the right tools and the most advanced marketing products. Widgets such as coupons, virtual loyalty cards, QR Code readers, click-to-call buttons, push notifications, geo-fencing and geo-localized search forms are essential for making the apps you build stand out and really help your customers take their business to the next level with your help.

As you will see reading our customers' comments and trying out for free and without any obligation our mobile app builder, offers you all this - and more. Creating your first app for iOS and Android has never been easier and once your customers will see the power you are able to control they will never stop using your services.

No money, no credit card required. Totaly free to try, without any obligation.

Use our mobile app builder for iOS and Android

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No money, no credit card required. Totaly free to try, without any obligation.


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The Mobisit platform is the leader in mobile that others try to emulate. After months of evaluating other providers, I found the perfect solution that far exceeded my expectations and those of my clients.

โ€” Joe Rivera, Amazon Mobile Websites


There are no coding skills required to get started. It really is that simple! Moreover, resellers can start up their own mobile business by creating and selling sites using an automated solution

โ€” Jakk Ogden,


This is one of the easiest and most intuitive mobile website building tools available. It has enabled us to add an immense value to our clients' and our own business. Highly recommended!

โ€” Tony, Shaker Minds

No money, no credit card required. Totaly free to try, without any obligation.